Early Childhood Safe Spaces

ESI has developed 18 early childhood safe spaces for young children, 7 in Moldova, 7 in Israel, 2 in Prague, one in Lviv, Ukraine and one in Krakow, Poland. Our staff, mostly women refugees from Ukraine with relevant experience, receive professional development and support in dealing with challenges that arise. The young children’s safe space is also a base where community activities for mothers are organized – such as family visits to museums or hikes, and complementary services like legal advice and language studies. Our organization now includes 50 staff members, the majority of which are refugee mothers from Ukraine. We’ve had over 5000 children participate in our early childhood safe spaces, and thousands of families have received our services. Daily, we have approximately 500 children join our activities and benefit from the early childhood educational and social services we provide.

Ukraine Emergency Response

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“As we know now from research, the imprint of childhood experiences is the strongest in the early childhood years — because in many ways it determines the life, development and well-being of a child in his adulthood,” Khromchenco, 48, tells PEOPLE.

She continues: “The good news about early childhood is that when working correctly with children at that age, due to the relative flexibility of their brains, the traumatic imprint might be reversed or at least reduced.”  Read More >>

Early Starters International


Early Starters International is an educational humanitarian organization that brings back a healthy childhood to young children in emergency situations and vulnerable communities around the world

Young healthy eyes in ETHIOPIA

A health education program which trains educators and community leaders on the most effective ways to teach young children about Trachoma. Partners: NALA, Sight Savers, Light for the World, JDC

Early childhood education in the 21st century

Development of support tools and training for early childhood education professionals in the 21st century. Partners: JDC, Prodev

Refugee moms for early childhood in GREECE

Training mothers in refugee shelters, creating a space for young children in the refugee camp, and helping support moms to operate the space themselves. Partner: IsraAID

Future for children in Dzaleka refugee camp, MALAWI

Training for early educators and caregivers that encourages innovation, creativity, independence, problem solving, and joy in the classroom. Partners: Jesuit Refugee Services