4. Training Program for Women’s livelihoods: Training Women in Early Childhood Education and Social Entrepreneurship, improving women’s livelihoods and improving the quality of daycare centers in the community.

Relevant training programs developed for women in early childhood education will improve the quality of the daycare centers, allowing children to better develop basic skills from ages 0-3 and skills for the 21st century for 3-6-year-olds. Including training on social entrepreneurship will enable women to improve their livelihoods and status in their communities, have increased feelings of fulfillment and meaningfulness, and create increased income for herself and her family.

This program focusses on women receiving training and support in early childhood education and entrepreneurship and the skills to run their own daycare centers, and then implementing quality early childhood education and care to encourage the development of 21st century skills among young children. Children in these daycares participate fully in a space that encourages their holistic development. Furthermore, women participating in the training establish daycare centers that are social businesses providing themselves with additional income, increasing their socio-economic status as well as their families’, and becoming leaders of change in their communities, all the while feeling a sense of fulfillment and meaning.